Sand lime brick production line raw materials storage and mixture preparation

Quick Lime : then to the factory, transportation, forklift solid lime will be poured into the receiving hopper. Previously delivered to the silo by the bucket will be crushed by jaw crusher. Silo, the lime will be fed into the milling equipment for fine milling. Then, to make cementing materials, lime powder can use. Then, the cementing material cement silo bucket will transmit.

Coal ash : coal ash wet stacking will put the bucket on the scale to measure.

Concrete Mixing : the ingredients above and then Measured, will be discharged to the mixer in the order. First, prior to mixing, you need to add water. Continuous suppression of mixed material is sent to the silo. Then, this will be mixed again in the mixer or Edge mill. Mixing if necessary, add a little water. Finally, the belt conveyor, to the hopper of the brick molding machine will transmit them to the mixture.

The mixture is fed into the hopper of the block molding machine brick mould and Yesil to be created. On average, you will have 13 to 17 seconds molding cycle. Articulated robot, belt pulley, and automatic stacker crane by means of brick autoclave cart will be stacked on Yesil.

Setup and storage : where the bricks were stacked Yesil autoclave, autoclave for treatment by dragger will be sent. When Setup is finished, the dragger pulls with brick autoclave cart setup outside the system. The finished bricks will be removed from the car. Meanwhile, the inspection will be classified and then stacked.